Uniquely the Same

I’m usually not too good with dreams, I have them but they seem to disappear when I try to memorize them. So, I decided why not just go with last nights?

I awoke about seven a.m. (central time) and got onto wordpress, I then seen this blog posted on my feed by The Daily Post consisting recent dreams we’ve had, considering I hadn’t had one that night I decided to close my laptop and shut my eyes for a few more hours…

I was at a house, one that I’ve never seen before, yet it was mine, and I’ve lived there for quit a while. And, the Jonas Brothers lived in my basement, though they weren’t some big thing either.. they were.. normal. Just like us, even though I was never (in the dream and in the real world) a fan of them, I still didn’t have some sort of excitement for the fact that there are famous people living with me. My younger sister didn’t seem to have cared ether, and she somewhat adores them. The whole time I was roaming my house part of me wanted to go downstairs and try to be nice and make friends with Nick, since Joe and his other brother (whom I do not know the name of) left a few minutes earlier. Though the other part of me felt too lazy, just didn’t feel like I should waste time on trying to become friends with him, it’s not that I thought he wouldn’t be nice back, it was just I didn’t really feel he was.. worth MY time.

My eyes fluttered open as my aunt called my name to tell me we would be going into town, I looked up at my ceiling and told the good Lord “thank you” for I had asked him to place a dream in my mind when I fell back asleep. Then as the day went on I used the couple minutes I had between tasks to think about what the dream could mean, and that’s all it took. See I believe that it was to represent everybody’s uniqueness as one. That yes, everybody is different, in fact, it is like one big school. You’ve got the popular kids, the unpopular, and the in-between. Though, even though we are all unique in our own ways, we’re still all human. We’ve all got emotions, we’ve all got a brain, a heart, we’re all the same creation. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say, that even though we are different in our own ways, we’re still one. We’re no different than the next human, not less than them, nor more, just the same amount. That bullies, the rich, poor, neither, they all got the same feelings, maybe not at the same time, but they still all got them. So you shouldn’t think yourself less or more than someone, because.. we’re all the same. We are all human.



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