First Blog: Writing 101; Day 14

A Teenagers Blog, her first blog to be precise, and I have decided on what better way then to start it with the Day 14 challenge:

  Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration. If you need a boost, Google the word and see what images appear, and then go from there.

Today’s twist: write the post in the form of a letter.

Dear House,

You, you are many words; a shelter, residence, home, family, love, provider, work, business, crowd, image, and many more. But, you see, you itself isn’t what intrigues us, you aren’t the importance in our lives, it’s what lives within you. The family, the memories, the love. Without that you wouldn’t be our safe haven, you wouldn’t be our place of happiness. No, you would be another object, something we spent our money on to make our lives what we feel is, “better”. And though, in some ways you do make it better, cover us when it rains, snows, when the sun beats down like burning tears after something tragic. You somewhat protect from our enemies, murderers: serial killers. You shut us out from the world that revolves around us, from the rules and the trafficking, from the animals and the crowds voices, laughter, pain. From the weather and oceans, and unless we watch t.v. the news and crazy businesses going on outside, outside of you.

So yes, you do benefit us, you are a shelter whom we do need, or at least think we do. Because even though you are a benefit, a family is a bigger prize. The love they hold within each other, the laughter and happiness they share with one another, and the looks they hold in their eyes. Happy ones, sad, nervous, sorry, afraid, curious, shy, loving, hopeful, and even stern looks. They all mean something, and no matter whether we think we hate the person, we will always cry when they pass on to the next world. Because, deep down, we loved them. They were family. They were ours. And hopefully, they were all of our safe havens.

When you catch fire, we don’t create a river because you burnt down, we create a river because our memories were held within you. And even though we may tear up because you cost much, and our materialistic things were inside of your enormous self, it still isn’t rain that’s coming out of our eyes, just sprinkles.

So dear house, I am sorry to tell you this, to tell you that if we weren’t with you forever that we would only sprinkle over your bruises, but I feel you deserve to know. To know that even if you do burn down, it’s just another memory we can tell to our friends and children, and maybe it will be painful.. but sooner or later it won’t be so. That you are helpful, but family comes first. At least to half of the world’s population. That you are just shelter, and it’s not you that holds a special place in our heart, but the memories and family inside. Once again I’m sorry, but I felt you had the right to gain some information tonight.


A Newbie Blogger



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